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Obeying Personal Information Protection Law

RELAX HOSTEL TAKAYAMA STATION strictly obeys Personal Information Protection Laws and others, with keeping your personal information strictly, such as your name, address telephone number and email address, RELAX HOSTEL TAKAYAMA STATION also sets up and implements house guidelines for Personal Information Protection and strive to work on to protection and strive to work on to protect of private information.

Getting Personal information appropriately and the acknowledgment of the purposes for getting information to the customers.

When RELAX HOSTEL TAKAYAMA STATION gets personal information the purposes for use of personal information will be showed clearly and customers’ consent will be offered.

Determination and regulation of the purposes for use of personal information.

RELAX HOSTEL TAKAYAMA STATION uses personal information for the purposes listed below. When we use personal information for other purposes we will ask customers to agree with us to use their personal information beforehand.

Restrictions of provision to the third parties

The information that you provide us with is not announced, transferred and lent for any other purpose than for doing our business. However, it will be passed on to any other party exception from following cases:

Requests for presentation, correction, stop usage and deletion of your personal information

You can call or send mail to the postal address stated below if you have further questions about our management for privacy policy and would like to inquire, present, correct, stop usage and delete your personal information.

Contact details of Administrator of privacy policy

2nd Floor, Ekimae Shintoichi bldg., 5-14-2, Hanasato-machi, Takayama, Gifu, 506-0026